About Teach a Teacher

Mission Statement

 It is our mission to improve the quality of education in Peru, a developing country with a strong desire to find its way. We serve to connect Peruvian teachers to professional development opportunities provided by volunteer teachers from developed nations. We are dedicated to improving the quality of life and promoting empowerment by strengthening education.

Our Vision:

It is our hope that by providing teachers from developed nations a venue for teaching the skills they cherish in their professions to Peruvian teachers, who are eager to learn and use new skills in their instruction; not only will both parties of teachers grow and benefit from the experience, but this will allow the students influenced by these teachers to glean something new from their teachers’ experiences while continuing to and creating greater value for all cultures.


3 thoughts on “About Teach a Teacher

  1. I retired in 2012 with 33 years of public teaching experience in grades 3 through 8. My last year, it was hard to put my hand on the doorknob in the morning, and I knew it was time to get out. I was 62 years old, and I had always thought that I’d teach till I had celebrated my 65th birthday. However, 10 hour work days M-F, computer documentation on Sunday, endless meetings, and a continual stream of administrators sneaking into my classroom clicking hand held computers had left me exhausted. It’s taken the last year to decompress! Thanks for taking the time to document the frustration that I and so many teachers have experienced.

    • Thanks for your comment Sara. I think we all need to do a little decompressing, commiserating and hollering as loud as we can sometimes in the face of what non-educators are doing to education. In the beginning, I thought, I was needed, but when as I was introduced to so many new and exciting methodologies, I became so much more excited about education. It seems right when the height of breakthroughs and validated research was taking place and becoming useful, the policy makers and for profit mongers took and twisted it into their one-size fits all box and have managed to “villainize” the teachers.

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