What th’ Heck Did We Do Before Butterflies ?

by H Mac Wooten


This isn’t a “real” post  but a quick picture I took today.  These  are my neighbors and they are playing (like I’d like to imagine) all kids do   …..  but I suspect kids today in developed nations don’t do as much of this anymore.  Sadly, they’re(kids in developed nations) are in front of the cable TV or XBox or some other video game and getting fatter by the minute.

It’s good to observe and understand the change in times.   These children are having fun and using their imagination.  Go out and try to take a picture of this in your neighborhood.   Yeah … I thought so!


It’s the beginning of winter in the southern hemisphere and the price of flowers is soooo low that the people can’t afford to pick them.  (another problem with an economy filled with uneducated people).   However  it makes a perfect playground and hunting ground for the elusive butterflies for impoverished children in this region.   DSC_0018p

Has it been a while since you’ve seen brothers and sisters actually playing together instead of being force fed by a television or video game (your electronic babysitter)?  Maybe poverty has some advantages after all.  These kids are happily using their imaginations and just being children.  What did your kids do today?  Ask them to go catch butterflies and go with them.   It will do all a world of good.  Spend some time with them and share your childhood.

Teach a Teacher and our Volunteers provide Professional Development and help teach basic teaching skills to Teachers in some of the poorest areas in Peru.   Please visit us at www.teachateacher.org and www.teachateacher.wordpress.com and at teachateacher on Facebook.

Mac Wooten is President of Teach a Teacher nonprofit and occasionally tries to catch butterflies and watches/notices times gone past.  A native of Greenville S.C.   We live and focus most of our work in the Ancash region of Peru.

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