Hello all

We finally got the “DONATE” button working on        Teach a Teacher Nonprofit website 
Please take a minute and check out our website and see who we are and what we’re doing and consider getting involved or making a small donation.  A little goes a long way here in Peru, a developing country.  We all know how important education is and you can help.

If you make a donation, please drop us an email and include you Snail mail address and we’ll thank you by sending you one of our postcards OR if you would prefer a Virtual postcard, please give us your email address …  Please indicate which postcard you’d prefer to receive   Your choice!

  DSC00063When you click on the “DONATE” button you leave our website and go directly to a secure connection with PayPal and have a choice of several options.  It’s quick, easy and painless and you’ll feel good, become better looking, lose weight and help us help others.

Click here to go directly to Donate.
I’m not picking on anyone, I’m picking on everyone    …. I’m sending this to everyone 🙂   Help Teach a Teacher and forward this to your friends, colleagues and contacts  and  “Like” us on Facebook
Thank you in advance and you have our sincere appreciation
H. Mac Wooten

If you read this more than once, you can donate more than once

Teach a Teacher and our Volunteers provide Professional Development and help teach basic teaching skills to Teachers in some of the poorest areas in Peru.   Please visit us at and and at teachateacher on Facebook.

Mac Wooten is President of Teach a Teacher nonprofit.  A native of Greenville S.C.   We live and focus most of our work in the Ancash region of Peru.

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