Volunteer With Us and Read About Teach a Teacher and What We Do

                                                                               By Kelly Dwyer Executive Director

We wish to honor the vocation of educators…

The theory and pedagogy we bring to this program is the recognition that all teachers are individuals and have different methodology that works for them within the context of what they have learned in their studies and over the years of experience.                                                           Many volunteer vacations are either cropped-cantu-students-charcoal-drwgs-pano-edited.jpgexpensive or match individuals with projects that don’t best utilize their skills.  Our goal is to make the most use of the skills of professional teachers from the developed countries, while providing them with an opportunity to learn and take something back from their experiences. We also believe that by teachers educating teachers, we will have a more far reaching effect on the education in Peru.                                                        We enter into this activity with recognition of  best practices and research based instruction and that strategies provided to educators in the developing world far out pace what is available to the educators and the community in the region where Teach a Teacher is working.  We hope to continue to provide educators and the local community access to different ideas and implementation of these practices that will lead to better instruction and more productive learning in the classrooms in Peru.

Most educators will tell you that it is the practical and useful skills they can take back to their classrooms, that they want and can use to improve their instruction.  They will also tell you that some things they learn, work for them in their current teaching situations and some don’t.           We recognize this is a process, as with all professional development opportunities, it is probable that a given educator will attempt two to three of the strategies or activities they learn.  However, with additional support and classroom visits by our volunteers, we can anticipate an even greater adaptation of strategies that will allow greater learning.

At Teach A Teacher we wish to honor the vocation of the educator, recognize teaching and individual style and provide them with hands-on useful professional development that will benefit them and their students.  We also encourage strategies that captivate the attention of students and make learning a more enjoyable process, which will also increase school attendance and comprehensive learning.

Teach A Teacher staff, members and volunteers will recruit and design identifiable measures of success of our programs.  We envision work with evaluators of the program’s success, but will also rely on teacher evaluations of their experiences, what they are able to use in their professions and observations, as well as national statistics  and test scores.  We firmly believe that within a few years of this program, the educational statistics for the region of Ancash will begin to show the progress our design can achieve and will hopefully grow and be adapted by other regions of Peru.

Teach a Teacher and our Volunteers provide Professional Development and help teach basic teaching skills to Teachers in some of the poorest areas.  in Peru.  Please visit us at www.teachateacher.org and www.teachateacher.wordpress.com and at teachateacher on Facebook.

Kelly Dwyer is Executive Director  of Teach a Teacher Nonprofit.    We live and focus  most of our  work in the Ancash region of Peru.


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