Teachers Are to BLAME for Society’s Problems

                                                                                                                                                                                                                By H Mac Wooten

This statement is as far from the truth as any sane person could say out loud, however some do say it out loud and every time I hear it, it makes my blood boil.  I live at a much higher altitude and it boils at a lower temperature.  I knew you couldn’t leave this blog alone, I just used the title to get your attention …. and evidently it worked.  Yet …. somehow our educators do continually get blamed for this issue.  Where are the parents in the educating/nurturing/PARENTING process of raising a healthy (mentally and physically) child?  I’ll use the word .. HUH?  I think HUH is a word.  I use it quiet often to both ask and answer questions.  To be honest, when I hear about a child going berserk and killing or harming other classmates (as we have seen too many times in the news … around the world)  I do wonder, why didn’t his teachers see this coming?  This question may be fair or unfair.  They most likely spent more time with him that did the parents.

Ok, I may be on the verge of a breakthrough with an answer to this conundrum.  The dictionary defines Parent as; (and we have several definitions to select from for our specific and narrow use) 1. a father or a mother.  2. a protector or guardian.  3. my favorite (for the sake of making this ludicrous and inane point) … from a biological point…  any organism that produces or generates another.  The origin of this word comes from  1375–1425; late Middle English  (Middle French )  Latin parent- (stem of parēns ), noun use of present participle of parere  to bring forth, breed

Fuzzy Logic If you want to confuse the issue with dissecting the definitions of father and mother, protector and guardian and the moral obligations they have now that they brought forth a child, (you see how this argument will continue) we can do so, but not in this blog.  It’s apparent that a parents role it to only create the child.  It is now clear to me that it’s someone elses responsibility to pick up the gauntlet at this point…..the Teacher!  The role of the teacher / educator is to instill moral values, discipline, nurture and love, provide for emotionally, and teach not just the A B C’s but rules for life. You better ask for a pay raise.  This is going to entail more than just grading tests until midnight.

Legislators and School boards. In the first place, God made idiots. That was for practice. Then he made school boards. Mark Twain.       Our legislators make the laws for educating in our schools. Our school boards/ superintendents interpret those laws and it continues to go downhill from there (in my opinion).   That scares me because, if you look at the functionality our government today you have to wonder if these people are there because they couldn’t hold a real job anywhere else in our society. I will concede there are many who truly want to make a difference …. their first term in office!   Ok maybe this snapshot of nothing getting accomplished with regard to the near complete failure and impotence of our government officials ability to make consensus decisions that make our lives better, and doesn’t depict the amazing job we see unfolding on television every day.  If the opposite of PRO is CON, then the opposite of PROGRESS is CONGRESS.  Again, (in my opinion) we don’t appear to be making much progress.  The role of government is legally to initiate the use of force. Nothing and nobody else may do this.  Keep that in mind, any time you elect a legislator, city council member, governor other government official, you are hiring them to hold and use a gun on the people, including yourself.  Force those teachers to get the test scores up!  When Chairman Mao Zedong said, “All political power comes from the barrel of a gun,” he was not philosophising or speaking in abstract. He was stating a basic axiom.  Our government  (We the people) unfortunately get a slice of the blame.  Civics lesson for today; Learn, investigate, take an active role, make good choices (and this list could go on for a while, but I’m running out of virtual ink) before you vote … but GO VOTE.

The TEACHERS FAULT. If indeed the parents only role is to; create the child, if you, the (teacher/educator) would drop everything else (loving, nurturing, instilling good values, teaching right from wrong, doing that parent thingy job stuff (like sitting up with their child at night helping them learn or at least turn off the damn TV where, if they got bored enough, might try to learn something on their own and additionally … somewhere in there  teach that A B C’s stuff) maybe then, you could GET THEIR TEST SCORES UP where they could make better decisions for their future and how they vote etc. That would make the world a happier place. It would certainly take the pressure off your principal, superintendent, and all the other government officials that we elected who are putting the blame on you.  Maybe we need to get back to the basics (the 6 R’s).  You know, remedial reading, remedial writing, remedial ‘rithmatic  ….    Our teachers part is not 99% of this equation.  I’m beginning to think that (people in general) should have to take some kind of test before they vote and most certainly before their allowed to bring forth or breed.   The task of getting test scores higher is most certainly an impossible goal for teachers alone.  You parents need to take a huge chunk of the responsibility or empower the teachers with a magic twanger that they can use to TWANG your child’s test scores a little higher!  You could use mine but it’s presently in the repair shop.  I tried to use it to coerce parents take a larger role in teaching their own children.

Hair Nets. Not all students will make it to Harvard or Yale or Duke.  They just don’t have what it takes (and I’m not just talking about the money).  Some of them will most assuredly have a hair net in their long-term future …. and that’s alright.  The world will always need ditch diggers.  Everyone doesn’t need to go to college but everyone does deserve the most opportunity and to be pushed and nurtured  as far …. as they’re able to go … with the abilities they have.  Not everyone can be a rocket surgeon.  Telling all children that they’re going  and have to go to college (at primary, secondary, and sometimes through their junior year of college) is harmful (in my opinion).  For this group of students, offer them more technical and trade schools and better prepare them for their probable future outside of Wall Street and running big corporations.  If nothing else …. they can surely get a high level job working for our government!  That ladder has many steps!

Teachers / educators, and many parents, my hat is off to you.  You have an insurmountable and thankless job.  Hang in there.  Keep the faith. YOU do make the difference in our lives, in society and ultimately the world.  I wish others would take more responsibility. You have my thanks and appreciation.  Think where we’d be without YOU!    Take time to praise the children out there who DO take the initiative and study and learn and become great citizens and who will hopefully save us all and contribute to a better world.  And One Last Word,   Please consider Mark Twain as a write-in candidate for school board!  And one more last word …

Also Please Consider a small donation to Teach a Teacher.  We’re making a difference here in Peru.

Teach a Teacher 201 Chestnut St. Missoula Montana 59801

For waaaay more information, please check us out at www.teachateacher.org

Mac Wooten is President of Teach a Teacher nonprofit.  A native of Greenville S.C. We live and focus most of our  work in the Ancash region of Peru.

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