Why do you Teach? Here’s an answer!

Teaching is not a lost art, but the regard for it is a lost tradition.

 ~Jacques Barzun

Teach a Teacher, is an organization founded on the  wealth of knowledge, experience and professional development possibilities the average teacher in more fortunate developed nations truly have in comparison to those in developing nations. It takes into account the very well known maxim of how teaching something you have learned internalizes that knowledge.

For the volunteer teacher, it can fulfill the very reason you got into teaching in the first place, which was to do something worthwhile and to make a difference.  Once upon a time where you thought you would make a difference to the students in the class you teach in your own community, your influence can now be even so much farther reaching than you once imagined.

So many of us in the education profession are tired of being devalued and told we aren’t doing it correctly, or enough, or completing enough paperwork. We know full well, we have skills, we understand so very many aspects of learning and now more than ever it seems we have little opportunity to put our knowledge and experience to work.

This is your opportunity to use anything and everything you know about teaching, pass it on to others and appreciate the true value of your experience and craft.

We at Teach a Teacher, formed this organization after our own hands on experience in the schools here. The need is great.  Peru is a nation which spends only 3% of their GNP on education and ranks behind a great many of their poorer counterpart nations in quality of education. Basic abilities of the teachers doing the teaching are limited by their own poorly funded low quality education.

The challenge is huge but it truly is an obtainable goal. It might be step by step but step by step is how we ourselves learned.  If we can better equip both teachers and their classrooms, one at a time, we will have some part in the greater reform and progress. The journey of a thousand miles does indeed begin with “un solo paso.”

Hopefully, you have always wanted to practice those Spanish language classes just a wee bit more and you are interested in learning more of the language.

Maybe you always wanted to do something like the Peace Corp or work overseas, but student loans and other obligations have prevented that opportunity. Here is your chance to travel, experience another culture and help them improve their quality of education all in one short trip.

You have the vacation time and you need those continuing education credits, right? Why not take the vacation, volunteer some of that time to help others and earn masters credits all at once?

You could plan that trip to Peru and bring back the photos everyone does, of the mountain woman and their colorful outfits and the rosy sun-kissed cheeks of the children here, or you could travel to Peru, leave something behind in your steps which will be lasting in the lives of those who live here, as well.

by Kelly Dwyer

Director Teach a Teacher Foundation


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