Teach The World

Teach a Teacher…Teach the World

The primary beneficiaries of this dynamic and far-reaching program are participant teachers in developed countries, teachers in developing countries and ultimately students of both sets of participant teachers, whether from the developed or developing countries.

Most educators today in developed countries understand the value of how teaching enhances the learning process of the teacher. In a classroom, a teacher will often have the learners that appear to have assimilated a skill or concept, teach other students who may be struggling, in order to solidify the acquisition of the skill or concept. Teach a Teacher transforms this simple idea and takes it to its ultimate design, asking teachers in the primary English speaking countries to take the knowledge they have received through professional development and the advantage of their experience and education and teach teachers in the world’s educationally lower ranking countries.

The volunteer teacher from a developed country can look to our program as an opportunity to earn graduate credit, gain a sense of accomplishment and purpose and hone their second language skills for their classrooms in their native countries while experiencing another culture and country.  The teachers in the host countries will be able to learn in a non-threatening environment, a wealth of knowledge from the visiting teacher and gain new tools and resources to use in their classrooms.  Students in the host country will benefit directly, as well, as the visiting teacher will not only provide new knowledge and skills for the teacher, but aid in implementing them in the classroom and benefit from the resources brought by the visiting teacher. Students of the volunteer teachers will also benefit, as the teacher returns to their classrooms with new experiences and confidence, as well as enabling them to better communicate with an ever growing population of second language learners.

Rather than an organization that helps a small sector of the population, Teach a Teacher seeks to have resounding and residual effects as the strength of education in the areas where volunteer teachers visit will continue to improve with each teacher gaining confidence and spreading their knowledge to others as well.

Please visit us at www.teachateacher.org


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