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Teach a Teacher

  • Your DONATION will be used to buy much needed Teaching Materials for teachers and children in rural areas in Peru.  In many of the schools we work with there is no alphabet, numbers, pictures or maps on the walls, the things found in even the poorest community schools in developed nations.  There is little there to spark the imagination and wonder of a child.  There are little teaching materials available for their teacher.  Imagine if you will, the possibilities of a donation of something as simple as a pencil and paper could do.  These are materials that the government here does not furnish.
  • Your DONATION will be used to pay a native Peruvian to translate for our Volunteer Teachers.  In many instances, translation will be from English to Spanish or from English to Quechua.  We don’t require our Volunteer Teachers to speak fluent Spanish.  Often in many of the locations we work in, Quechua is their first language, Spanish is their second language.
  • Your DONATION will be used to help provide transportation for our Volunteer Teachers to the rural areas where many of these schools are located. Many of these schools are located in remote communities high in the Andes, far from a town.
  • Your DONATION may be used to provide a Scholarship or Grant to help offset the expenses of travel for the visiting Volunteer.  Scholarship or Grant money may be applied only under specific conditions (i.e. length of stay, proof of financial need etc.)


201 Chestnut Street

Missoula Montana 59801


 **Teach a Teacher uses VOLUNTEER TEACHERS only.  No one receives a salary or reimbursement from our TEACH A TEACHER non profit Organization.


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