How Teach a Teacher Began

There is a small two room school that I walked by near our land in Huaraz (Ancash region of Peru).  I walked in to take a look one day and was amazed to see a (nearly) empty room.  There were about 7 old desks in the middle of the floor to seat the 12 children in the class.  There was nothing hanging on the walls.  No alphabet, no numbers, no maps or pictures to spark the imagination of these kids.   Nothing that even the poorest of the schools in the states have.  I went home and talked with Kelly and the next day returned with several boxes of varied materials to furnish the room.   Books, paper & pencils, maps, numbers, letters  etc.  During the following weeks as be brought more materials and continued to help them, it became apparent that the 2 teachers didn’t know what to do with some of the material.  Many of the teachers in these small communities have little to no formal training.   Many are well meaning baby sitters.  We quickly realized that giving them materials without the tools needed to utilize them was of little value other than to have something colorful hanging on the wall. Even well meaning gifts/donations have little value without the instruction of how to use them.  This was how and where the birth of Teach a Teacher began about 4 + years ago.  Think for just a moment about the possibilities of something as simple as giving pencil and paper to one of these children!   We hope to give the teachers the tools to make the difference and communities an opportunity to improve their quality of life.

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