Allow me to introduce Gladys

This is Gladys.  She is the Director, Custodian, School nurse, School cook, Janitor, grounds keeper, head of the PTA and 1 of 2 teachers at this 2 room school high in the Andean countryside.  The other pic’s are the cafeteria and children. The children of this 2 room school pick up sticks and limbs as they walk to school for Gladys to cook their lunch with.  This is just one of the many schools we work with.
As you may know   we live in Peru.  A couple years ago we started a non profit called Teach a Teacher.  We have teachers (mostly from the states) come to Peru to provide Professional Development and teach teachers basic teaching skills.  I could spend hours explaining that 80 something % of the population in Peru live at or below the poverty level and Peru is the richest country in S A and 2nd from the bottom for the amount of money the government puts toward education,  education is of little importance there.  The up side of that is their economy is growing  and the President Ollanta promised to do better with education there.  Vamos aver!
Our efforts had to take a sabbatical for a while at the end of 2009 and first of 2010 as we both took jobs to continue to support our non profit (Kelly teaching in D C and I working in Afghanistan)   the good news is weeeee’re back and making much progress.  We’re not trying to change their religion, teach them Eng or change their culture.  We’re only trying to provide help to people eager to learn by utilizing some of the most generous and well educated people on the planet.  YOU.   You can come and help both teachers and kids who desperately want to learn   and best of all … you dont have to document anything HA!  But seriously,  you can come do what you truly love and that is to TEACH!  (and see one of the most beautiful places on earth).  You can volunteer  You can help  You can donate  You can make a difference.

Now   here comes the question ……….does this sound like something you might be interested in supporting?   Help comes in many different forms. i e  Coming to Peru and volunteering in person, monetary donations,  spreading the word,    helping organize.,  serving on committees.  If you are interested would you also ask around (colleagues as well as others you think might be willing to help)   we would greatly appreciate it. and would like to get the word out in every state.  Who do you know elsewhere?  I will be glad to send you further information or answer any questions that you may have.

Thanks in advance
mac & kelly
Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle, and the life of that candle will not be shortened.  Enlightenment increases by being shared.  ~Buddha

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